Unit 332 engage in personal development

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Unit 332 engage in personal development

Peter Cooke, Head of School Office: Purnell Center for the Arts, http: Please contact the School of Drama with any questions. CMU Drama offers rigorous, world-class classical training in theater while providing thorough preparation for contemporary media.

As a member of the Consortium of Conservatory Theater Training Programs, the school chooses students to participate in the program based on their potential ability. Every Drama student is treated as a member of a theatrical organization and must acquire experience in all phases of the dramatic arts.

Students are also asked to broaden their knowledge through courses in the other colleges of the university. The undergraduate Drama program, which incorporates approximately students, leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama.

The options available are: The production of plays, a natural extension of demanding class work, is our lab, and constitutes one of the school's major activities. The choice of texts used is determined by the particular needs of current students.

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Each semester, 15 to 25 lab productions, directed by faculty, guest directors, and advanced students, are presented in our three theater spaces. The labs range from completely mounted, full-length dramatic and musical works to more simply produced directing projects and one-acts.

The Drama program is rigorous and exacting, making demands on students that necessitate good health, a willingness to work and a commitment to professional discipline at all times.

Unit 332 engage in personal development

Because of full daytime class work and heavy production schedules, much production preparation takes place in the evening. Drama students, Unit 332 engage in personal development, are advised to live in residence halls or in the immediate vicinity of the campus. Options in Drama Acting Option The Acting option is designed to prepare the student for immediate entry into the profession.

It is a sequence-based training program with accumulative skills building upon each other over the course of four years. It is a conservatory training course, and the curriculum focuses primarily on the technique and craft of theater. At the same time it offers skills that are applicable to all media.

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Courses in acting, voice, speech, movement, and theater history are integral parts of the program at all four levels. In addition to studio classes, Acting majors are required to take at least one liberal arts class each semester outside the school of drama to expand their intellectual curiosity and worldview.

All students must demonstrate a commitment to growth, show continued progress in their work and in the knowledge of their craft, and show a respect for professional standards in discipline, quality and ethics.

ENGAGE IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IN HEALTH, SOCIAL CARE OR CHILDREN’S AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S SETTINGS. Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 3 Diplomas Unit ENGAGE IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IN HEALTH, SOCIAL CARE OR CHILDREN’S AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S SETTINGS OUTCOME 1 I . Unit – Engage in personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings. OUTCOME 1 My responsibilities and duties include. Unit Engage in Personal Development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings (SHC 32) Outcome 1: Understand what is required for competence in own work role 1, Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role.

The freshman year is a discovery year and provides an introduction to basic skills-working from self, learning to play objectives and actions and the beginning of character exploration.

In the sophomore year these skills are solidified and deepened as more sophisticated, verbally complex material is introduced, through a focus on in-depth scene study, both contemporary and Shakespeare.

In the junior year students continue to develop their craft by investigating a variety of styles, including Greek, Brecht, and Restoration. Skills are now tested and strengthened through public performance.

The senior year provides a bridge from training to the professional world and offers the opportunity to appear on the School of Drama's main stage. At the end of the senior year, students are introduced to the profession through Showcase performances in New York City and Los Angeles.

The privilege to participate in Showcase is subject to the approval of the School of Drama faculty and as a rule is granted only to students who have obtained the necessary credits for graduation.

Music Theater Option The students in the Music Theater program share the training philosophy and much of the same curriculum as others in the acting option. In addition, they take courses particular to the demands of Music Theater.

These include private voice along with training in a variety of dance techniques Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Broadway Styles and music theater styles and skills.

Unit 332 engage in personal development

Design Option Design students are expected to develop artistic ability in the conception and execution of scene, lighting, sound and costume design for plays of all periods under varying theatrical conditions. Students may elect to have a focus on one or two areas but must have a solid background in all four.

Freshmen in design receive instruction in drawing and painting, three-dimensional techniques, and in the application of basic design principles through courses in drawing and design. Sophomores learn to apply design principles to the theater through research, play analysis, and studies in the fundamentals of scene, lighting, sound and costume design.

Design assignments cover various styles and periods and include the preparation of models, renderings, and working drawings, lighting storyboards, and light plots. Juniors and Seniors take specialized courses in two areas of stage design and are expected to head studio and main-stage production crews.

As part of the degree work, juniors may design sets, lights, sound or costumes for a production in the Studio Theater and seniors may design sets, lights, sound or costumes for a Master's thesis show or a main-stage production.

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This unit is a shared unit. It is located within the subject/sector classification system 01 Health, Public Services and Care and Child Development and Well Being.

Recent nationwide initiatives to accelerate clinical and translational research, including comparative effectiveness research, will increasingly require clinician participation in research-related activities at the point-of-care, activities such as participant recruitment for .

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