The issues of big society and localism in britains planning system

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The issues of big society and localism in britains planning system

You must be joking!!!! Please read this article from Der Speigel and realise that the German power companies are threatening their own government because they do not want to help the rest of society in Germany by paying small additional taxes on nuclear energy to keep the existing power plants open.

This is truely shocking and we will be asking our politicans to look at the role of Eon and RWE in the British economy.

They are being tantamount to highway robbers in Germany! Now, with nuclear energy dominating the energy debate in Germany, Merkel has sought to turn back the clock. The sky hung low and gray over Krempin, a small town in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern -- not exactly ideal weather for a photo op.

Nevertheless, Chancellor Angela Merkel posed gamely for the cameras as someone handed her a sunflower. At least the wind was blowing -- she was here, after all, to visit a wind park. Then the sky cleared, and the sun even started shining. Merkel's photo-op was saved. Krempin was the first stop on Merkel's four-day "energy tour" of Germany.

The chancellor wanted to find out for herself "where we are strong and what still needs to be done," in the words of her government spokesman. The tour, which will take in wind farms, hydroelectric facilities and nuclear power plants, is being sold as something of an educational field trip.

Tiresome Debate Behind all the nice-sounding spin lies a transparent political motivation. The chancellor wants to show that energy is once again a top priority for her.

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And she wants to distance herself from the tiresome debate about nuclear energy in Berlin, which is currently dominating the newspapers with all its tricky technical details about extending the lifespan of nuclear power plants and imposing a fuel-rod tax.

The pictures of a beaming chancellor in front of wind turbines are just the thing to distract attention from the negative headlines. The wind farm in Krempin, the first stop on the tour, was perfect for Merkel's purposes. Local residents are involved with the facility, which has been dubbed a "citizens' wind farm.

The locals had erected a white marquee tent.

British Culture, British Customs and British Traditions So the respectable poor seek to move somewhere just expensive enough that the dysfunctional people could not afford to live there. But as a society, we have often acted as if we believed that people who made less money than ourselves were inherently inferior people, and at the very least, undesirable neighbors.
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Children presented the chancellor with small plastic windmills. The Green Party may have criticized the event as a "show," but it was a show that fulfilled its purpose. The German government considers wind power to be the most important renewable resource for the future.

Byhalf of Germany's electricity will be generated from wind power, according to government plans. Dusting Off Her Former Image It's no coincidence that Wednesday also saw the publication of the new issue of Greenpeace Magazin, which contains an article by the chancellor praising the work of the environmental organization.

With the new initiative, Merkel is dusting off her former image as the "climate chancellor. She urged the European Union to take action and spoke of an "important crossroads," saying that "economics and ecology can be reconciled. Bush to at least make some small concessions and posed for photographs in front of Greenland's glaciers, wearing a red outdoor jacket.

But then the financial and economic crises came along, and the supposed visionary changed her tune. Suddenly, no decisions could be taken on climate change that would "threaten German jobs or investments," as Merkel put it in Since then, she has refrained from presenting any more bold plans for saving the climate.

New Energy Strategy to Be Unveiled Even worse, the issue of nuclear power has been dominating the public debate on energy for the last few months. Germany's leading power companies insist that nuclear power is a vital part of the country's energy mix and warn that the country could face shortages if all nuclear reactors are shut down over the coming years.

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The government is due to present its new energy strategy at the end of September, and Merkel is determined to regain the initiative before that deadline. Her spokesperson explained that nuclear power will only be one part of the energy mix to be unveiled in the new strategy -- the focus will be much more on the expansion of renewable energy.

That approach is also laid down in the coalition agreement that Merkel's conservatives signed with the business-friendly Free Democrats FDP after last September's general election. It is the message that Merkel wanted to send with her photo-op amid the windmills of northern Germany.

Germans tend to be suspicious of nuclear energy, and the majority opposes keeping nuclear reactors in operation for longer than is planned. A recent poll revealed that 48 percent of people do not want any extension of reactor lifespans, while just 29 percent support an extension of a maximum of 10 years.

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A massive 77 percent oppose keeping the reactors running for an additional 15 years or longer. Not So Photogenic It's a debate that Merkel will not be able to avoid, no matter how many skillfully stage-managed visits to wind farms, hydroelectric plants, environmentally friendly heating plants and energy-efficient houses she makes during her energy /wiki /Acclimatisation_society Has anyone got the BIG HENRY pepe with the monk and jester in front of the big tudor building?

however look at the issues that lie between states, with some of them wanting to secede. As said, Commonwealth was a great choice. Meet at at Top O Town Car Park Bridport Road, DT1 1XT Dorchester, Dorset. For the application & to comment online West Dorset District Council “Planning Application Search which has profited from big PFI deals.

The issues of big society and localism in britains planning system

Francis Maude – Cabinet Office Secretary. Shred the planning system The idea: Under the current structure, local councillors make convoluted plans and then sit on planning committees and make rather arbitrary decisions about whether or not applications comply with those plans.

The issues of big society and localism in britains planning system

Q1 January-March. since the last one of , and includes issues such as compassion, whistleblowing, the duty of candour, access to nutrition and hydration and delegation to healthcare assistants.

Urban policy and practice: The Big Society and housing development: empowering middle class NIMBYs?

The IFS has challenged the Chancellor to say how he would find £12bn of welfare cuts he is planning. HOW LOCALISM AND STRATEGIC PLANNING CAN WORK TOGETHER PEOPLECOVERA5:Layout 1 25/06/ Page 2 issues.

Many authorities will want to give some thought to the Big Society through powers for communities to take over local public services, buy community assets, and influence planning decisions. The rationalities, mentalities, programmes, and technologies of this localism are established from Ministerial speeches and press releases, along with Parliamentary Acts, Bills, White Papers, Green Papers, and Statements – all published between May when the Coalition Government was formed, and November when the Localism Act became law.

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