That marijuana should not be legalised essay

Should marijuana be legal? I believe that one of the main reasons marijuana should be legal is because of the way it was criminalized in the first place. In the years before the depression there was a significant growth of Mexican-Americans in the Western part of the United States as a result of the revolution in Mexico in As the depression hit, larger farms started using the Mexicans as cheaper labor, which in turn put many smaller farmers out of business and caused much tension.

That marijuana should not be legalised essay

Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Argumentative Essay Example

Pro Marijuana is an addictive drug that people know very little about. Many people try to legalize marijuana. However, legalizing marijuana is an absorb idea. This will cause Drug abuse and addiction; there are other drugs that help patient.

Liberty: people deserve freedom to use marijuana.

Legalizing marijuana may increase problems and crimes. A lot of people use marijuana legally because they think that's cool. Marijuana can't be legalized because it turns good people to bad people.

Marijuana may impaired perception, dimished short —term memory, and lost of concentration and coordination, impaired judgment, increase risk accidents, loss of motivation, dimished inhibitions, increased heart rate, anxiety panic attacks, and paranoia hallucinations, damage to the respiratory, reproductive, and immune system, increased risk of cancer, psychological dependency will happen to human body.

This has to be illegal because students who are doing this may decrease learning capabilities.

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They may hard time limiting their use, they may need more of the drugs to get the same effect. The drug can become the most important aspect of their lives.

Report this Argument Con I haven't done a debate in ages. I guess it's time to see if I still have what it takes. Legalizing marijuana will cause drug abuse and addiction, and will increase crime.

This is a slippery slope fallacy. There's no logical link between legalization and an increase in abuse and addiction rates. Marijuana isn't an addictive drug. If anything increases "abuse" of marijuana, it would be the ban placed upon it.

Think back to the prohibition era. A blanket ban on alcohol resulted in underground speakeasies, organized crime which didn't exist in that form prior to the banand more reckless consumption.

The same effect is seen today, where younger kids from whom alcohol is banned engage in binge drinking and irresponsible partying; whereas, in many European countries, children are introduced to alcohol at far earlier ages, and are able to learn moderation.

Allowing for the legalization of marijuana will do the same thing for moderation as the 21st Amendment did in the case of alcohol. Marijuana causes bad effects.

The government doesn't own the bodies of individuals. The concept of self-ownership shows us that no man, group of men, or well-dressed officials has a higher claim to one's body than oneself; ergo, it's an individual's decision as to whether he or she smokes marijuana.

Being angry also causes impaired judgment, heart problems, and increased risks of irrational behavior.Essay: Should Marijuana be legalised? Marijuana should not be legalized in any country because it can affect our health.

That marijuana should not be legalised essay

Consume marijuana either excessively or rarely can cause harmful in users’ body physically and mentally. Marijuana Should Be Legalized Essay - The war on drugs has been an ongoing battle in the U.S.

for many years. This war, on drugs, is a primary necessity to stopping drug abuse. Therefore, medical marijuana should not be legalized. Conclusion. I. In conclusion, II. Logos: I have shared with you the reasons why medicinal marijuana should not be legalized.

III. Now I am asking you not to vote for marijuana legalization in your state and organize groups against such legalization in your community. IV. Essay on Whether or Not Marijuana Should be Legalized. Essay on Whether or Not Marijuana Should be Legalized Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

In society today, many people look for a feeling of freedom. Many people go on vacation and spend money. The most common gateway for people is drugs. Our American society is facing a tremendous drug problem. Jun 02,  · Marijuana use at work and school lessens from % in , to % in , according to USA Today.

Marijuana use basically got smaller after it . Although some will claim marijuana should not be legalized for medicinal purposes because it has harmful effects and is a gateway drug, I feel that it should be legalized.

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