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How does one create architecture that is successful? The answer lies in its very purpose. The design was provocative and elicited many comments, some kind and some not. I will consent that those architects do indeed exist that sentence may have just cost me any future American Institute of Architects membershipand I often have to fight back this stereotype early on in my client relationships.

Successful architect

I know our desks are getting smaller and more crammed with computer monitors, but find a space to sketch. This is an essential communication skill. Sketching is the most expeditious way to express an idea. I have been in meetings with clients and had colleagues start sketching, to much adulation of the client.

Everyone from clients to construction managers to subcontractors [to parents] expect us to be proficient and talented at drawing. Advocate for the profession. Be a part of their re-positioning initiative. Read about the Architecture-Lobby. This profession is evolving and we have to protect our own interests because no Successful architect else will.

Give back to the next generation of architects. Get involved in student crits. Go to career fairs for your company. I recently visited my alma mater, the University of Illinois. There is something about meeting with the students that re-energizes my nearly jaded perspective on the profession.

Their enthusiasm and talent was infectious. Let go of ego. All creative professions are susceptible to criticism.

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Make the project the top priority. Also, practice criticism so that critique enhances the intent. The advice should help or add value. No one likes the seagull criticism where one swoops in, drops a bomb, and flies off.

Read both technical magazines and design magazines: I am a firm believer that the more technical one is, the better a designer one is. And read other magazines too.

Get Out of the Office. Get in the field. Figure out details in the field. The construction site, for me, is fun.

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There are countless benefits of being on site observing your work: They have expertise and want to take ownership in the project too.

They have innovative ideas and sometimes just need to be asked for their thoughts achieving the desired intent. Develop your own style or non-style.

Let the design stem from the site, the client, and the program specific requirements. Stop worrying about what all the other architects are doing. Innovation will come from really solving the problem at hand, not from forcing answers to other or non-existing problems. Sometimes we are too afraid to speak up.

I have found that our opinions matter more than we think they matter. Professionals are not meant to be passive. Provide feedback, share expertise, advise your clients, and resolve issues. Have a Life Outside Work. There is a world outside of the profession.A successful project is the result of a cooperative working relationship between client and architect - a partnership that provides the teamwork from which the ideal solution to your needs will emerge.

All successful architects have three things in common. They have patience. They have become masters at under-promising and they are all focused on being the very best at one thing. Anyone practicing architecture for more than a few months knows that patience is a prerequisite for success.

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Successful architect

Download 5, Successful Male Architect Stock Photos for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 91,, stock photos online. Being a success as an architect is much less about design and far more about management people and business.

I would suggest a few courses in the college of business and look at marketing as well. Branch out and even look at economics and geograph. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s final home in Phoenix, AZ, is going back on the market for $M.

Designed just before his death in , the circular structure was built in and is a well. Mar 12,  · Learn design with Doug Patt at his live virtual webcam studio. How to Architect.

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