Rules writing alibata baybayin

Press and Public Affairs Bureau Baybayin script to be included in labels of consumer products Writer: Under House Billauthored principally by Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil 2nd District, PangasinanBaybayin shall be promoted by inscribing it in all products locally produced or processed food products. Bataoil defended his bill during the recent public hearing of the House Committee on Basic Education and Culture chaired by Rep.

Rules writing alibata baybayin

It is the proof that our Filipino ancestors has their own way of learning, Baybayin has a big part on our history, but it is sad to know that majority of the Filipinos didn't know how to read or write in Baybayin. HISTORY Baybayin is derived from Brahmic scripts of India and first recorded in the 16th century, baybayin continued to be used during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines up until the late 19th century.


The alphabet is well known because it was carefully documented by Catholic clergy living in the Philippines during the colonial era. Some have incorrectly named "Alibata" to it, but that term was coined by Paul Rodriguez Verzosa after the arrangement of letters of the Arabic alphabet alif, ba, ta.

Baybayin is one of the many writing systems used in Southeast Asia, nearly all of which are abugidas where any consonant is pronounced with the inherent vowel "a" following it, diacritics being used to express other vowels.

Many of these writing systems descended from ancient alphabets used in India over years ago. Although Baybayin does share some similarities with these ancient alphabets, there is no evidence that it is this old nor is there evidence that it is recent.

Baybayin is much easier to write than to read it. The modern Baybayin alphabet is consists of 18 characters 3 vowels and 15 consonants. We use the same consonant letters shown in the list above and simply combine them with a special mark, called a kudlit, to change the sound of the vowel "a".

The word kudlit means a small cut or incision, which is exactly what it was back in the days when Filipinos wrote on bamboo.

rules writing alibata baybayin

Since we now write with pen and paper, or a computer, the kudlit mark can be any shape. The sound of a letter is not changed in any way by the shape of the kudlit, it is changed by the position of the kudlit.

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Many sounds do not have letters in the baybayin, especially in English, many words cannot be written without replacing the letter. Thank you for reading.Baybayin (a.k.a. Alibata) is the pre-Hispanic writing system in the island archipelago we now know as the “Philippines”.

For more information about Baybayin, please check out these sites. How to Write the Ancient Script of the Philippines Numbers Filipinos in the pre­Hispanic era mainly used the baybayin for writing poetry and short messages to each other.

Numbers were spelled out the same as words.2/23/ Baybayin.

rules writing alibata baybayin

An Introduction to Baybayin [Christian Cabuay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Baybayin (incorrectly known as Alibata) is a pre-Filipino writing system from the Reviews: 6.

Write your name in Baybayin a.k.a. Alibata [w/online transliterator]

Many experts and educators pointed out that Baybayin, often mislabeled as “alibata,” refers to the type of the writing system that was used in Tagalog areas. the distinction between the two terms; Baybayin vs Alibata. However, we still see & hear a lot of new Filipino script enthusiasts using the misnomer "Alibata"; particularly from folks in the Philippines where Alibata is mentioned briefly in Filipino history & language classes.

Mar 21,  · You could spell it out in baybayin, like you could spell out phonetically the word "German" or "Bear" but the word itself is not original.

It is now considered "Filipino" word and tagalog today is a mix of english, baybayin, and spanish Resolved.

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