Quine putnam indispensability thesis

Spelling Out the Quine-Putnam Indispensability Argument The Quine-Putnam indispensability argument has attracted a great deal of attention, in part because many see it as the best argument for mathematical realism or platonism. Thus anti-realists about mathematical entities or nominalists need to identify where the Quine-Putnam argument goes wrong. Many platonists, on the other hand, rely very heavily on this argument to justify their belief in mathematical entities.

Quine putnam indispensability thesis

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Quine putnam indispensability thesis

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A weak indispensability argument is distinguished from a strong indispensability thesis. The weak argument is the combination of the criterion of ontological commitment, holism and a mild naturalism.

It is used to refute nominalism. Putnam defends Quine’s argument, in places. 2 One can find elements of Quine’s indispensability argument in Quines , , , , , , , and b. En este trabajo rechazo los alegatos de Psillos () contra el nominalismo moderado (NM).

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El NM es una variante del realismo que recomienda restringir la creencia racional a los contenidos puramente nominalistas de las teorías científicas.

The indispensability argument in the philosophy of mathematics transfers evidence from natural science to mathematics. Thus, this argument is an inter-theoretic indispensability argument.

One might apply inter-theoretic indispensability arguments in other areas. In particular, Quine (; a; b; a; c) and Putnam (a; b) have argued that the indispensability of mathematics to empirical science gives us good reason to believe in the existence of mathematical entities.

Quine putnam indispensability thesis

The Indispensability of Mathematics, New York, NY: Oxford University Press. This book offers an excellent, systematic exploration of the Quine-Putnam Indispensability Argument and some of the most important challenges that have been leveled against it.

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