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Mr bektas ozer

First of all, it was the Ulancanlar Prison Massacre 26 September and its implications. This Massacre once more highlighted the fact that the bloodthirsty Turkish ruling classes and their servants were insistent on throwing all political captives, [NOTE 1: It should be noted that, throughout this text, the phrase "political captive" connotes only the left-wing and revolutionary political prisoners.

The reasons for this should be Mr bektas ozer. First of all this is so, because left-wing and revolutionary political prisoners, including Kurdish national liberation fighters have always constituted the great or overwhelming majority of those who have occupied the dungeons of Turkish fascism and have always been the main target of its functionaries.

Secondly, because historically there have been very few right wing that is fascist or Islamist prisoners in Turkish dungeons, which ought to be quite understandable. These people, who justifiably consider themselves as part of the establishment and "voluntary assistants" of the repressive state machine may also be subjected to some torture, mistreatment and deprivation, but only under exceptional circumstances and to a much lesser degree] into top security isolation Mr bektas ozer dungeons, the so-called F-Type prisons, despite all opposition and protest actions.

This was the reason why political captives and their relatives, their friends and supporters and human rights activists have conducted an almost uninterrupted campaign to enlighten and mobilize Turkish and international progressive public opinion. It should be underlined that the brutal repression Turkish authorities have unleashed on the relatives and supporters of political captives has been a logical extension of the white terror they have been employing against political captives themselves and workers and other toilers in general.

Time and time again, people protesting peacefully against attempts to isolate, and slowly and silently - kill the political captives and crush their personalities - were attacked, beaten, arrested and tortured.

Secondly, it was the author's concern over the state of amnesia prevailing in our society with regard to the ordeals that the political captives and their relatives have been through for years and decades. Throughout history, the loss or intentional distortion or destruction of the collective memory of exploited and oppressed masses, have been a most effective weapon in the hands of tyrants and ruling classes.

Unfortunately, this state of amnesia prevails, though to a lesser extent even among the political captives and their supporters themselves in our country. This particularly dirty and bloodstained chapter in the history Turkish ruling classes must definitely be recorded and never forgotten.

So, this study should also be considered a modest step in that direction. This present document is a somewhat enlarged version of the First Edition, which had been prepared in May A short version of this was on the Alliance web-site.

It is now supereseded by this current full version. Minor editing has been done, and if any errors were introduced, it is the responsiblity solely of the Editors of Alliance.

The fact that the author himself is a former political prisoner, well acquainted with the atrocities of the Turkish police, soldiers and prison guards, might be cited as another factor prompting the preparation of this document.

About two months after the first edition of this document was prepared, a somewhat smaller repetition of the Ulucanlar Massacre occurred in another dungeon. On 5 Julyspecially trained Turkish soldiers from Konya Provincial Regiment of Gendarmery, elements of Special Team and prison guards attacked political captives in Burdur F-Type Prison, under the pretext of trying to take them to court.

Allegedly the "security" forces were compelled to mount an operation against political captives, who were refusing to attend the trials.

This of course, was not the case. The fact was that, they were systematically being beaten by the soldiers; whenever they were taken somewhere, whether it be court or hospital and this was repeated on the way back. So, they had been demanding definite assurances for the ending of this inhuman procedure.

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These assurances were not provided by the prison authorities, who had for quite a long time been trying to provoke a confrontation with the inmates. Naturally, these servants of the ruling classes were not acting on their own initiative.

They were serving as a sort of advance guard for the fascist dictatorship in its attempt to impose the system of F-Type isolation dungeons on political captives. Therefore, they had to provide material for the deception of the public opinion, aimed to "prove" that "terrorist prisoners" were always on the rampage, and "convince" the masses that they were always making trouble and endangering the security of the prisons.

The political captives at Burdur dungeon had been expecting such an attack for some time.

Mr bektas ozer

Upon understanding the murderous intent of the servants of fascist dictatorship on that fateful day, they prevented the former's entry into their own quarters and immediately put up barricades. The assailants brought heavy-duty construction machinery and began to break down the walls of the prison wards.

They were well prepared for this planned operation and not content with employing truncheons and cudgels and other regular instruments of torture, used tear gas canisters, chemical foam, firearms, flamethrowers and a variety of bombs against revolutionary prisoners. Both Kaya Uyar, the governor of Burdur and an army general were present during this "heroic exploit" of several hundred Turkish crack troops against unarmed political captives.

Throughout the day, 61 political captives fought the armed thugs of the regime with their bare hands and had to withdraw inch by inch in the face of the intensity of the attack. The inmates were able to resist the overwhelmingly superior force of the enemy for a period of sixteen hours, that is from 8: Almost all of the 61 inmates were wounded during the attack, most of them seriously.

It was a sort of miracle that none of the attacked was killed. The cut off arm of Veli Saqilik would later be found with a stray dog in the district of Burdur. Here are the names of the wounded political captives: Some of those who were seriously wounded were taken to hospital under guard and in chains.

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Wounded political captives however, refused to be treated, since they were being beaten both during their transfer to hospital and at hospital in the presence and in some cases with the assistance of doctors! Therefore, they were brought back to prison the following day and thrown into cells, where they continued to be beaten and tortured.

The prison guards also sexually assaulted woman political captives and tried to rape at least two of them A. Arzu Torun and Muruvvet Kucuk.Özer Bektaş is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Özer Bektaş and others you may know.

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