Hku interview business plan

International competition and strategy Academic Employment - Present - Professor of Business Administration, University of Hong Kong; teaching Strategic Management and International Competition; research on the competitiveness of Asia-Pacific economies, regional clustering of firms and industries, and economic development.

Hku interview business plan

Our students enjoyed themselves very much by experiencing the technology achievement and cutting-edge innovations in the Carnival.

Python coding workshop and game engine hands-on practice were offered to our students. In the Python workshop, we started with a rudimentary game and learnt how to modify the Python code to enhance it with more features and graphics. We also learnt about the community value in the development of easily accessible and interactive apps which promote positive values, i.

Between technical sessions, we had the privilege that some banking experts shared with us how technology is employed in the banking industry, especially in commercial and investment banking, which is a topic not very familiar to secondary students.

We were also introduced the importance of cybersecurity and the corresponding threats and defenses that corporate banks deal with. The students immensely enjoyed the visit - the office was magnificent and spacious with free-flowing snack and drinks; friendly helpers were there to provide all the necessary logistical support and technical advice.

All students had a great experience and we look forward to future learning opportunities like this one. More than 60 of our prefects volunteered to be tour guides and booth helpers, who showed eagerness in learning about the exhibits and explaining each exhibit to the visitors with flair and confidence.

Our Paulinians offered guided tours to honorable guests and visitors. All students gained hands-on and fun-filled experience of the convenience brought by innovative and advanced technology to their daily life.

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Lastly, our school was awarded one of the three gigantic Space Pumpkins, which was the most noteworthy exhibit at the InnoTech Expo, for our contribution and dedication.

We look forward to more exposure to technology and innovation in the near future. This year, 37 schools participated in staging booths with a variety of projects from both secondary and primary schools.

Over two thousand students participated in the keynote speeches and different talks, seminars and workshops to gain new knowledge on STEM development in the coming era. The Fair attracted over 11, visitors over the three days.

The survey filled in by the public, including both students and teachers all considered the STEM Fair a tremendous success and promised that they will continue to support this event if held again in Thanks to Mrs P.

Liu and Mr R. Li who served as the overall coordinators for this event. Thanks must also be given to the Secretary for Education, Mr. Kevin Yeung, who officiated the Opening Ceremony, in spite of his heavy schedule. It included 25 students from both Forms 4 and 5. During the first week, students learnt how to use the pipette and do microbial plating.

Students got to make their own spreaders and streakers that they put to use on our plates. After lots of trial and error, most students got to see beautiful results! Professor Leung discussed separately with each individual about their results and answered any queries they had.

Also, Professor Leung showed the students a few TED talks which were related to the microbial community. Furthermore, students got to watch their microbes under the light microscope which was extremely fascinating.

At the end of the week, all 5 groups presented their scientific journal that they had read during the week. Some articles were tough but all students managed to learn a lot from them in the end.The secret to landing the management job you want is to bring a day plan, or a business plan, to your first interview.

A Day Plan is the 30/60/Day Plans for Technical Job Interviews. Podcast: Play in new window | Download This week Mr. Dirk Hopfl, Managing Director, South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan at IE Business School, joined the show to talk about the IE MBA, a month program focused on entrepreneurship and change management.

Sales jobs are entrepreneurial because you generate your own leads, solicit business and close sales all on your own. Your compensation is in the form of commission. When you interview for a sales job, be prepared to explain how you will produce sales and earn commissions.

This is the most important question you will be asked in any interview. Have an answer. If only for yourself. Even if you don’t directly get asked this question, the interviewer is interviewing you to find out what value you can add to the company.

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hku interview business plan

CANA's consultant team consists of graduates and students from Oxbridge, I think that the team is very reliable, trustworthy and supportive. The consultants organised the tutorial timetable nicely, helping me to avoid procrastination and make me feel well prepared before the interview.

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