Fossil fuels and global warming essay

Global Warming - the Industrial Revolution By: Global Warming - the Industrial Revolution abcScientists report that global warming has been escalating since the Industrial Revolution.

Fossil fuels and global warming essay

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Answers Rating Newest Oldest Things we know: This blanket, or greenhouse effect, happens at the molecular level of certain gases which we call greenhouse gases. We know that through the isotopes, and because the oceans are absorbing CO2 and thereby acidifying leaving no other source for the increased CO2 in the air.

So we know without doubt that fossil fuels have enhanced the greenhouse effect and are contributing to global warming. Could there be a natural source of the warming too?

Fossil fuels and global warming essay

The cycles that cause ice ages to come and go are in a cooling phase, with the natural warming phase having peaked 6, years ago. When the earth naturally warms out of an ice age, the warming oceans give off CO2 and that is not happening now.

If changes in the sun were the driving influence, this too would be causing cooling. No natural cause for the waming has been identified.

A good conclusion that supports natural warming should specific what natural force is at work and how it has been identified as a cause.

There is no existing theory of natural warming that is supported by the evidence. The closest that I've seen is Roy Spencer's theory that changes in clouds came first and initiated much of the warming -- but why the clouds changed, Spencer can only say it's random -- and random is not a scientific theory.Read Fossil Fuels free essay and over 88, other research documents.

Concern about fossil fuel supplies is one of the causes of regional and global conflicts. Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that enhances radiative forcing and contributes to global warming raising concerns that solar heat will be trapped and the average /5(1).

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Everyone blames Fuels Nino, my project was to study man’s relationship to the sea on some warming . This free Environmental Studies essay on Essay: Fossil fuels is perfect for Environmental Studies students to use as an example.

The negative aspects of the persistent use of fossil fuels is the fact that it results with dangerous air pollution and global warming, of which the burning of fossil fuels is a direct result.

It also causes the. Global Warming Essays - Fossil Fuels and Climate Change. Climate change, also called global warming, refers to the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth.

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An overwhelming scientific consensus maintains that climate change is due primarily to the human use of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air.

Sample Essay. Fossil fuels have been shown to have negative health and environmental effects. Scientists estimate that the burning of fossil fuels produces around twenty one billion tons of .

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