Ethical issues of genetic research essay

This situation is closely connected with development of gene engineering, cloning and ethical standards applied by other sciences. Health Care ethics can be defined as the rules of moral values that guide decision making by medical staff. Ethical responsibilities of a practitioner are how its decisions and actions show concern for what is considering fair and just.

Ethical issues of genetic research essay

References Abstract Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is a procedure, which allows Ethical issues of genetic research essay the selection between embryos before the initiation of pregnancy.

Although considered morally controversial, for example, depending on views regarding the moral status of embryos, this procedure seemingly reduces ethical problems in prenatal diagnosis by offering the possibility of selecting offspring without the need to consider abortion.

However, counselling of patients becomes more complicated. Also, there are controversies regarding who should be the primary beneficiary, for instance when an embryo is chosen partly to be a suitable tissue donor to a sibling, as well as regarding when benefits outweighs downsides.

It also raises the ethical problem of whether the selection of future children on the basis of less serious or even nonpathological traits is an acceptable practice. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis PGDselecting embryos based on genetic analysis before pregnancy by in vitro fertilisation IVFgives rise to ethical issues on the basic, clinical and societal level.

The acceptability of PGD depends on how one views parental responsibilities towards future children and the moral status of embryos.

Social and ethical issues

Prospective parents may consider PGD to be preferable to prenatal genetic diagnosis, since in PGD selection can be made without subsequent abortion. Drawbacks of PGD may outweigh benefits if the procedure of IVF is considered too burdensome, if the pattern of heredity is considered too complex to yield unambiguous genetic information, or if the condition is not considered serious enough.

PGD makes genetic counselling more complex and possibly harder to comply with the ideal of nondirectiveness. The question of which uses of PGD should be allowed can only be answered against the background of the basic ethical issue of what goal PGD should be taken to serve.

The goal of promoting reproductive autonomy gives rise to ethical issues of using PGD for less serious conditions or nonpathological traits, which may lead to backdoor eugenics. The goal of preventing the birth of individuals with certain serious diseases gives rise to ethical questions of which diseases should be considered serious enough, as well as concerns of a subsequent reinforcement of discrimination and stigmatisation of disabled people.

Ethical issues of genetic research essay

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Genetic predisposition ailments: those in which the presence of a gene exerts an increased tendency to develop a particular disorder. The disease may or may not grow based on a variety of related personal and environmental factors like geographic location, diet, exposure to dangerous substances or toxins, exercise habits etc.

The Ethical Dilemmas of Genetic Testing for Huntington's Disease INTRODUCTION Huntington's Disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant, progressive, neurodegenerative disorder (Walker, .

Ethical issues in predictive genetic testing: a public health perspective