Commerce vs humanities essay

The following is the first installment in Retail Dive's Consumer Survey, a six-part series examining the psyche of the American consumer and the evolving role of the brick-and-mortar store in the shopping journey.

Commerce vs humanities essay

In traditional way of doing commerce, most businesses had to compete within a single industry and often within a specific limited geographical area, but the internet is breaking all these boundaries. The company began as an online bookstore but quickly expanded into new products and markets such as music, videos, home improvement supplies.

The traditional Commerce is based on the following rules. In today's fast-paced world, in order to stay in contention and thrive in Commerce vs humanities essay business world, it is very important to break -through these conventional rules and adapt the information technology ways of doing business.

E-Commerce has important phases explained below: If it is a tangible product, it is sent by transportation. The main points of difference between traditional commerce and E-Commerce are as follows: Advantages of E-Commerce E-commerce uses the technology of digital information processing and electronic communications through internet in business transactions that helps in facilitating and redefining the relationships between or among organizations, and between organizations and individuals for value creation.

Multiple benefits are provided by E-commerce to the consumers in form of availability of goods at lower cost, wider choice and saves time. Internet is treated as a functional and operational medium for consumers, business owners, information seekers, and entrepreneurs.

E-Commerce sales would rise in the years to come with the increasing availability of broadband internet services combined with new applications.

Humanities essays What are the humanities? The humanities refer to subjects that study people, their ideas, history, and literature. To put that another way, the humanities are those branches of learning regarding primarily as having a cultural character. Published: Mon, 5 Dec In todays scenario the manager across the globe are quite focused and clear when its comes to moral or ethical behavior because now a days there is a tremendous pressure from people, government and other concern bodies to do business ethically. Egsg vs essays. English literature insurance europe comparison essay west point application essay the american dream research paper columbia supplement essay. Writing humanities research paper.

E-commerce has several advantages: Physical storefront does not need to be open for customers and suppliers for doing business electronically.

Wide variety of goods are available than ever before.

Comparision Between Science, Commerce And Humanities

Companies can now focus more on specific customers by adopting different one-to-one marketing strategy. Response time is reduced more quickly between the seller and the buyer. Email is one of the examples of how people collaborate tQ exchange information and work on solutions.

It has changed the way organizations interact with the suppliers, vendors, and customers.

Commerce vs humanities essay

Knowledge of the customer is increased about the product and its varied features. Thus web is a source of dissemination of information for its customers. There are many websites that helps in reorganizing, revising or editing the digital products.

Here one firm offers something for a want of something from another firm for its services. The popular sites performing these functions are webswap, ubarter, etc. For example instead of accepting cash for a consultancy service from a firm, a person or another firm can buy products in exchange from that firm.

A firm can e-mail its customers about any new product and can solve their product related queries and welcome suggestions. This is a major advantage overcoming the limitation of traditional methods of doing business.

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E-commerce creates the whole world as a global village from where anyone can buy anything at anytime from anywhere. One of the tools of E-Commerce is sales promotion from where not only the firm gains but also the customers are benefited. Also business over the internet attracts every customer from all over the world and exposure in the new markets enhances the profits of the business firm.

E-Payments are made without any loss of time but security is to be insured when using this system because customers are sending their personal detail related to credit card numbers. These are encoding, encryption, passwords, etc. Computers have the ability to communicate via the internet, independent of operating systems and hardware.

Benefits to Organization E-commerce provides the following benefits to the organization: Equal footing is being given to the small organizatipns ,with the large international firms.

Benefits to society E-Commerce provides the following benefits to the society. Besides various advantages of e- commerce, there are limitations also that can be divided into two parts: They are not related to the technology.

Commerce vs humanities essay

Technical Limitations-These are related to the technology and that can be solved most of the time by spending enough money. They are related to security, databases, standards, applications etc.

These limitations are discussed below. The protection needs to be taken- from the hacker, viruses, data transfer and transaction risk, client and server risk. Internet provides universal access but companies must protect their assets from accidental or malicious use.

Customer information needs to be protected from internal and external misuse.Humanities, art, style, genius, culture, bourgeois what do each of these words mean?

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Composing, Humanities vs. Research Papers This paper pertains to the differences that distinguish writing a humanities essay versus reporting on a research study. Three pages in . Commerce vs Humanities The combination of a Commerce student with Humanities skills would be irresistible In today’s times there is a clear-cut distinction between certain tertiary educational courses, namely the two major aspects of Commerce or business and Humanities or liberal arts.

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