Benefit of english language essay

Henry Stivenson Posted at Those who do, advance in learning steadily and according to their schedule. While most people find themselves learning a new language as a necessity, many others do it because it is fun.

Benefit of english language essay

Study a Foreign Language!

Benefits of learning English in language schools in England Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples

When adults wonder why they should dedicate time to learning a foreign language, teachers and experts generally focus on different benefits, most of them social or practical: However, very little is explained about one of the most important reasons why adults should start learning foreign languages: Understanding and being able to produce a foreign language means acquiring a new complex system of rules to grasp how words combine to make phrases, the ability to make sentences and understand how they are pronounced, also, and most importantly, to learn how to comprehend and create messages that convey the desired meaning.

These processes are triggered in our brains in different ways which make us practice them. Have you ever thought that just as our bodies need physical exercises to be fit, our brains do too? Different scientific studies have shown how advantageous it is for the adult brain to learn a foreign language: The following are only a few mentioned in those studies.

Benefit of english language essay

As an adult, you have learned how to learn: The new language has expressions and idioms with different meanings, which makes the learner think about what is appropriate for a certain situation and what would be offensive for the native speaker.

Bilingual people develop the skill to switch between two systems of speech, writing, and structure — that of their own language and that of the target language.

The Psychological Benefits of Writing

Switching between different structures makes them good at multitasking. The causes of these diseases are not well known, but medical studies have determined that learning a second language can prevent their appearance or slow down their effects.

The above examples all show that continuing to learn in adulthood is beneficial for the health and for happiness. So, why not challenge yourself to prove that these benefits work for you too!

Just go for it and share your results with other adult learners. Try our English test to see your level of English now!This is because English has become the most important language in the world.

billion people already speak the language in addition to the 1 billion that are learning it. Most major world organizations and functions are administered in English, including the United Nations, Olympics, and others. ESSAY TITLEBenefits of learning English as your second language. According to Krashen, language learning is a conscious process where learners study the language in an organized manner following a programme or syallabus governed by rules of language to produce accurate language that is systematic and formal.

universal grammar of one language will only hinder the intelligence and cognition benefits of bilingualism. Without a doubt, the use of language is the most prominent feature of a human mind. This is because one can use the complex social skills formed through language to connect with others in .

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One of the advantages of having one world language is that people would be c a ble n t o t alk with each other using by their one mother tongue. They don't need neither translations nor interpreters, so they can understand each other fast.

Advantages To Studying English As A Second Language?