Akpsi quiz 4

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Akpsi quiz 4

Party per gale gules, tenne, or; on pales a scroll argent, bearing the inscription "PHI NU PI", of the first between clasped hands of brotherhood proper and tilting spear held bentwise, sinister, Coat of Arms 2nd: Who is the Executive Director?

Hunt Who is the Deputy Executive Director? Bruce Who is the Director of Finance? Elected Members Grand Polemerch Sr.

Akpsi quiz 4

The elected chief executive officer. An elected officer responsible for performing some of the duties of the Polemarch in his absence. An elected officer primarily responsible for - [i] keeping records, [ii] conducting correspondence, and [iii] signing warrants for the payment of funds.

An elected officer who serves as the treasurer and pays out funds only in accordance with duly approved warrants. An elected officer primarily responsible for - [i] collecting and preserving historical information about a chapter, and [ii] publishing a chapter history.

An elected officer primarily responsible for guarding approaches to a chapter meeting. An elected officer primarily responsible for assisting the Strategus. An elected officer primarily responsible for collecting, preparing and forwarding local news for inclusion in the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal to its Editor.#4 in Tennessee.

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50 majors. for undergrads, as well as bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees. The year the . Question Answer; What is the name of the chapter? In what region does the local chapter belong? What are the chapters in the region?

(Greek name and University affiliation).

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