A research on the diversity in the workforce

The program supports the career entry and development for underrepresented minority physician scientists in gastroenterology.

A research on the diversity in the workforce

The unavoidable fact is that, despite great strides over the past fifty yearsthe American workplace still has a diversity problem.

Workforce Diversity

If money talks, what does it say about diversity? You might be surprised. Diversity initiatives expand the talent pool. In certain fields, like tech, the numbers are likely much higher. In a CareerCast report on the 10 toughest jobs to fill indata scientists and engineers take top honors.

In fact, the Conference Board estimated there will be 3x as many software engineer job openings in as there will be candidates, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there will beopen software engineering jobs by This year, there will be 3x as many software engineer job openings as there will be candidates.

Click To Tweet Long story short? Engineers are hard to hire, period.

A research on the diversity in the workforce

So are nurses, sales representativesetc. Effectively cutting the talent pool in half by not maximizing female and minority talent exacerbates the problem. Many of the steps needed to bring more diversity into the workplace are the same steps needed to expand the talent pool.

Diverse teams make better decisions. When people from different backgrounds, genders, and races come together to solve problems, they bring with them different information, opinions, and perspectives.

This mix of perspectives brings a grab-bag of benefits to the table, including: New research suggests that diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones because the presence of group members unlike oneself causes people to think differently. The diverse groups significantly outperformed the homogeneous groups.

Being with similar others leads us to think we all hold the same information and share the same perspective. This perspective, which stopped the all-white groups from effectively processing the information, is what hinders creativity and innovation. If you value innovation and creative problem-solving, a diverse team is your best asset.

Diverse teams better serve their customer base. The world around us is changing, and one of the most compelling benefits of diversity in the workplace is that it better equips teams to serve their target markets. Her limited tech know-how necessitated some basic Google docs and Skype lessons, but eight months into the job she was thriving — and the customers, many of whom happen to be her same demographic, love her Inc.

Chances are good that many of your customers are women, especially if your company is business-to-consumer.

Diverse teams make better decisions.

Your customer base is likely racially diverse too — and becoming increasingly so each year. Diverse companies make more money. In a Catalyst report titled The Bottom Line: The companies were measured on three important measures: A study from the Credit Suisse Research Institute resulted in similar findings, and even went so far as to suggest that the trend is strong enough for investors to take note: In testing the performance of 2, companies globally over the last six years, our analysis shows that it would on average have been better to have invested in corporates with women on their management boards than in those without.

To be profitable in a diverse world, you need a diverse team to incorporate the insights, experiences, and worldviews of your customer base. Efforts to increase workplace diversity expand the increasingly shrinking talent pool and give your team the competitive edge you need to compete in a global market.Latino workforce participation has grown by 70 percent, or nearly million people.

The Latino population has a medial age of 28 years old compared to the total US median age of More than 60 percent of the Latino population is under age 35, and 75 percent is under age Diversity in the workplace is becoming more and more prevalent. Corporations in all industries are encouraging minorities, women, elderly workers, people with disabilities as well as foreign workers to join the dominant workforce in the workplace.


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In this research paper I review some aspects of workforce diversity that any human resource manager should have in mind before undertaking to develop efficient and sustainable workforce diversity program.

The main purpose of this research paper will be to explore what methods organizations and leaders can use to successfully manage increased cultural diversity within the workforce.

Dec 06,  · As our research shows, Diversity and Inclusion is a top-to-bottom busienss strategy - not just an HR program. Our Diversity and Inclusion framework details the process, which is . Diversity of the Workforce Because of the forces of globalisation, the workforces in organisations have become more diverse in terms of nationality, ethnic origin, lifestyle, sexual orientation etc.

A research on the diversity in the workforce

The companies that allow these differences among the workforce to become reason for disagreements and misunderstandings will fail in the marketplace.

Study: Workplace diversity can help the bottom line | MIT News