11th grade writing prompts

The majority of the prompts are related to the various events on our September Events Calendar.

11th grade writing prompts

Taking her lead, this is how my writing block is timed out: Mini-Lesson 10 minutes Application of strategy to genre piece 30 minutes First draft writing of free choice 15 minutes Sharing 11th grade writing prompts minutes I feel very lucky that this year I have a full hour of uninterrupted writing time that actually makes this system work.

And, so far it IS working. I actually really love this time of day and I feel especially happy when I see what my students are producing. I will assess what genres my students need to work on and then focus on those skills for the remainder of the school year. After I felt like I had a good plan, I realized I needed to get my students set up for success.

Again, I looked to Amanda. Here is a breakdown of the writing binders my students are currently using. Each pen represents a different step of the Writing Process.

11th grade writing prompts

The paperclips are for the students to separate each of their first drafts as they finish them. I additionally have a bin where they can get more pens and clips if they need them as they write.

At first I was hesitant to have them write their first drafts in pen, but then I realized one amazing fact as they started. By using a pen, they had no reason to ask to sharpen a pencil. There were no noise distractions from students who were avoiding writing.

It has actually turned out to be a beautiful thing! Since I took this picture, I have had the students glue in a picture I took of them while they were writing and they colored the borders.

It is just a fun way for them to personalize their binders.

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I went out and bought enough tabs for each of my students to have four. I am planning on reusing these along with the pouches for several years.

Since they are actually plastic rather than paper tabs, they may last a while. I broke down the tabs into four sections… Tab 1: This is where students will put any materials that we use in class for their writing pieces such as graphic organizers and or examples we do in class.

This tab also has notebook paper for students to use on their drafts. Some are almost there, so this week I will be teaching editing and revising mini-lessons to help them with this step. But, once they write five first drafts, they will move the story of their choice to this tab so they can focus on this story as they move through the writing process.

Finally, we have Tab 4: This is where students will keep any and all tools they use in class. Examples include their writing record form: Idea inspired by Amanda.

Click here for her version. I just want to thank the teachers like Amanda who have helped me to get to this point.

Til then, have a great week! I am just thrilled to hear that some of the strategies I use in my classroom are working for you and your kiddos!

It took me a while to find this balance, but it really does work for me…and I can imagine that your 4th graders really shine with it!This section provides a summary of the key fourth grade curriculum and learning objectives for language arts, math, social studies, and science. Under each is a more detailed description of what children learn in fourth grade subjects, including detailed .

11th grade writing prompts

Though teens won't remember actual events of September 11, these writing prompts about 9/11 will help them reflect on that day and its long-term effects.

is NOT something my kiddos have trouble with. They do, however, have some trouble writing about their opinions and supporting them with reasons. So, when the time came in my self-created writing timeline, I thought about the best way to [ ].

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Writing and Remembering: Writing Prompts about 9/11